Cecilie Eskildsen

Slytherin Dropout 🐍 Animagus

Cecilie Eskildsen is a Slytherin dropout from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is the illegitimate child of Dark Wizard Viktor Dragomirov and halfblood witch Alessia Eskildsen. She lives with her mother and maternal grandparents. She is an Animagus, taking in the form of a Blue Morpho butterfly. She is very antisocial and dislikes being around too many people.

Basic Info

Full Name: Cecilie Tatiana Eskildsen
Born: 17 December 2010
Age: 17
Status: Alive/Single
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Danish-Russian
Accent: British with slight hints of Danish
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Orientations: Asexual/Demiromantic
Signature: 250px

Father: Viktor Dragomirov
Mother: Alessia Eskildsen†
Siblings: Numerous paternal half-siblings, including one Heidi Espensen, Alfie Dragomirov, and Nadezhda Dragomirov
Relatives: Jerrik Eskildsen† (maternal grandfather)
Frida Eskildsen† (maternal grandmother)
Family Line of Work: Father is a dark wizard and mother is an herbologist.
Family Background: Not much is known about the Dragomirov family but the Eskildsen family is from Denmark. Cecilie's mother and grandparents graduated from Durmstrang but after Alessia got pregnant, they moved to England.
Most Important Person Before: Alessia Eskildsen
Most Important Person Now: Alessia Eskildsen Rheine Kögler

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Best Core Class: Transfiguration
Worst Core Class: History of Magic
Electives: Care of Magical Creatures
Quidditch: None

Wand Wood: Ash
Wand Core: Phoenix feather
Wand Length: 10¾"
Pets: A boreal owl named Amaryl, a gray Danish Warmblood named Gale, a pygmy rabbit named Primrose, a grass snake named Katniss, and a lot more back at home.
Animagus/Patronus: Blue Morpho butterfly/Butterfly
Boggart: The bullying children from her childhood
Amortentia: Various forest trees, parchment, her mother's cooking

Occupation: Student
Loyalty: Eskildsen family, Slytherin, Hogwarts, herself
Organizations: None
Alignment: True neutral

Vices: Antisocial, secretive
Bad Habits: Taking whatever she has for granted
Quirks: Turns into another person when around her mother and grandparents
Attitude: Antisocial, quiet
Special Talents: Making almost every person she talks to feel awkward
Social Skills: Almost nonexistent

Most At Ease When?: Alone, or with her mother/grandparents.
Main Priorities: Her mother and grandparents, herself
Past Failures: Unable to defend herself from the bullies
Darkest Secret: She's illegitimate
Known by Anyone?: Only by her mother and grandparents No one



Cecilie is a tall, lithe girl, a trait she received from her mother. She has long light brown hair and dark brown eyes, also from her mother. But her facial features are all from her father, unbeknownst to her. In terms of fashion, Cecilie doesn't really care about the recent fads. Her type of style is kind of a mix-and-match/wear-whatever-decent-thing-you-grab-from-wardrobe kind. She hates frills and pastel colours and doesn't really like gothic and emo clothes. Most of her wardrobe is in cool colours such as darkish blues, purples, greens, etc. Her model is Tiera Skovbye, the older sister of her former model Alissa Skovbye.
Caring is not an advantage.

Cecilie is a silent type of girl, only speaking if necessary. She can't make friends easily and would easily be spotted in a crowd of social butterflies. She tends to avoid conflict and ignore them if necessary. She doesn't really like boisterous and loud people so she will avoid them.

She would be that one person who would usually mind her own business.

Cecilie would often make her decisions by herself and would think before acting, weighing out all the possible outcomes. She would sometimes fend for herself when her mother is busy with something. She is shown to be very ambitious which helped fuel her desire to become an Animagus. She would usually study in secret, which is not that much of a help since her family doesn't really know what she's doing in her room half of the time.

There are a few times which Cecilie showed her cunning. She would often spin a web of lies to get what she wants, an example would be the time when she went to Flourish and Blotts to buy a book on becoming an Animagi. Since she's too young to be reading that kind of book, she easily persuaded her mum to let her have a copy.

Alone is what I have, alone protects me.

Viktor Dragomirov is one of the most notorious Dark wizards of Russia and, unknown to the rest of the world, a womanizer. A few of his notable offspring are Alfie and Nadezhda Dragomirov and Heidi Espensen. A quite curious trait passed down from father to offspring is that the Dragomirov kids are prone to turn to the Dark side sooner or later. Now, I'm going to introduce you to another Dragomirov offspring by the name of Cecilie Tatiana Eskildsen, born to Alessia Eskildsen on a cold December.

Our story begins in a small lakeside village near Lake Arresø in Denmark. The village was a mix of Muggle and Magical, the Muggles oblivious to the Magicals living in their village, but they all got along. One of the Magical families living there is the Eskildsen family. Alessia was a sweet lady, the only child of Jerrik and Frida Eskildsen. Unfortunately, she had met Viktor Dragomirov. Viktor was just so charming and handsome that poor naive Alessia fell for him. Jerrik and Frida liked Viktor too, unaware of his... darker intentions with their daughter.

Their lives went on smoothly, the Eskildsens remaining blissfully unaware of Viktor's Dark wizard title. What can I say? In a village so small and isolated from the rest of civilization, not much news can reach them. The Eskildsens never suspected a thing when Viktor offered to take Alessia out for the night to the lake, they trusted Viktor that much. Besides, he had proven that he can be trusted. Well they certainly didn't expect the next thing he did. When he and Alessia were finally alone, he made his move, which certainly did traumatize Alessia. After that, he was never seen again. Alessia returned home broken and betrayed. She truly did love Viktor.

Frida and Jerrik were disgusted by what Viktor did to their daughter and tried their best to comfort Alessia. Soon, they found out that what Viktor did impregnated Alessia. They moved to a new place, since staying there would certainly bring back bad memories for their daughter and for her safety. They knew how fragile Alessia was. For the remainder of Alessia's pregnancy, they lived in Aarhus, Denmark. Alessia missed the fresh air and greenery of their village but she knew her parents moved here for her safety, and that she was still a bit shaken from the incident.

Several months later, Alessia went into labor. It was the longest time in Jerrik and Frida's lives as they waited for their grandchild to be born. Soon, Cecilie Tatiana Eskildsen was welcomed into the world. Alessia immediately fell in love with the baby, who had her eyes and hair, but something inside her broke a bit when she realized that her baby looked a lot like... him. Her parents noticed this too, but didn't say a thing. They stayed for a longer time in Aarhus, two years to be exact. During those two years, the Eskildsens discovered Viktor's true identity, but a silent agreement was made between them: Never tell Cecilie about her father.

Soon after Cecilie's third birthday, they moved back to their village. Many questioned about Cecilie's origins, but the Eskildsens never disclosed any information and kept to themselves.

Cecilie, or rather, Tatiana was a cheerful little toddler who loved to explore the forest behind their home. She was Alessia's little ray of sunshine, despite being a painful reminder of Alessia's former love. She loved to feel the breeze at the lakeside, skipping stones with her mother on cool mornings. That makes you wonder, how did a cheerful little toddler turn into an ice queen? The story lies in the later years, when she was old enough to socialize with the other children.

A little something I've failed to say is that the village is not really kind towards single mothers and bastard children, since it was mainly a patriarchal society. The Eskildsens were one of the few families who didn't abide to the village's rules and just kept to themselves. The other families' children were taught that a child without a father is unacceptable, so they immediately disliked Tatiana when they were told that she was a bastard child. Tatiana didn't know what she did wrong, she did her best to be friendly and such but the other children didn't accept her.

Soon, their nonacceptance turned to taunts and jeers. Slowly, Tatiana realized something. They had fathers, she doesn't. She now understood why her mother looked so sad when she thinks Tatiana can't see her. She now understood why her grandparents were so adamant at keeping her away from the main parts of the village. So one night, Tatiana asked her mother just why she didn't have a father. She didn't expect her mother to break down crying, mourning of a love gone wrong. It was that night when Tatiana decided that she ha-, no, loathed her father with a burning passion.

She endured the other kids' taunts and jeers, slowly but surely building a near impenetrable wall around her. Slowly, her warm demeanor turned cold as frigid ice and her smile transformed into a neutral frown. Her once-bright brown eyes dimmed and it was clear to everyone; Tatiana the bright child was gone, Cecilie the ice queen replaced her.

The walls remained unbroken and stood strong as the years passed by, her mother and grandparents were the only people who were allowed to get inside. But eventually someone broke into the walls, but that's a story for another day.

For the first two years at Hogwarts, Cecilie remained in the shadows, quietly observing others. Because of that, she has grown quite observant and is able to read basic body language. She was, and still is, fine about being ignored. It doesn't bother her much. Who cares about social circles anyway? She likes being alone and alone is what protects her.

Things changed a bit during her third year. For the first time ever, someone actually didn't ignore her and acknowledged her existence. Winston Wolf has piqued Cecilie's interest. They ran into each other on the Stone Bridge where Cecilie was having some quiet time. They conversed for a while. Cecilie, being the silent girl she was, didn't really talk much so the conversation between the two was uneventful.

They ran into each other a couple times more. Eventually, Cecilie began focusing more on her Animagus training, barely seen around Hogwarts anymore, only in classes, the dormitories, and in a quiet corner of the Library. She had met Faith Bagman in the dormitories on her way to change clothes. They conversed for a while and ended it when the Yule Ball was about to begin.

She then met one more student, Madan Atherton, during the Yule Ball. She wasn't big in social events like balls but she was curious as to what it felt attending one. Madan has asked her to dance with him, which she agreed to.

On fourth year, things escalated a bit more. A new girl named Rheine was clearly stealing Faith's thunder. Though on the outside it looked like she didn't care, she was a bit miffed since Gryffindor was stealing Slytherin's glory again and the fact that the girl was checking her books while the others in class had to remember what they've learnt. She and Faith had another conversation in the dorms, Cecilie offering to help Faith with her little problem. She then asked the professor if looking at books was allowed during class, which put her in Rheine's bad book, a fact that she doesn't care much about.

Her fourth year went on as normal, stay in the background, judge a few people. She ran into Rheine again in Flourish and Blotts. She wasn't really interested in the girl, she just prioritized the Animagus books. They talked for a while and it was revealed that they share the same goal; becoming an Animagus. Their interaction was cut short when Alessia arrived.

Rheine had sent her a rare Animagus book from the Philippines. Cecilie had shown her gratitude through a Danish book about extinct animals being an Animagus form. The next time they met, it was in the Potions Mixing Room. Cecilie was skipping Potions classes in favour of her Animagus training. She was planning on catching up when she saw Rheine, which was convenient since Cecilie was planning on giving Rheine the recipe for the Animagus potion. She was the one who carted the Gryff to the Hospital when the Gryff had collapsed.

The two continued to cultivate their friendship as fifth year passed by. Rheine was the first person Cecilie truly regards as a friend. On their first DADA lesson of the year, the class was paired up to duel each other. Cecilie and Rheine were paired off, the former losing to the latter after she was distracted by a snake Rheine conjured. Cecilie took the snake, whom she and Rheine named Katniss despite it being a male, as a pet with Rheine as the co-owner.

Halfway through, she met a transfer student named Valentin. She is intrigued by him seeing as he was a Parselmouth. They met again at the Black Lake, discussing about how other people were being cruel to animals and just bonding(?) about their love of animals. They also find out about each others' ecosystem of pets.

In her sixth year, an incident hit her hard. Her grandfather sent her a letter explaining how her mother had disappeared over Christmas and was found dead in an alley. For the first time in years, the ice queen allowed herself to feel emotions.

Keep silent for the most part, and speak only when you must, and then briefly.

Alessia Eskildsen†

She loves her mother very much and misses her while she (Cecilie) is in Hogwarts. She is very caring towards her mother and is one of the three people who have ever seen Cecilie smile genuinely. Alessia's death hit Cecilie hard, throwing her into a spiral of grief and confusion. What was she going to do now that her mother is gone? This reawakened the child inside of her and internally, she's crying out for a mother who would never return.

Viktor Dragomirov

She doesn't know him and doesn't care at all. She holds a grudge against him because he used her mother for his own pleasure.

Maternal grandparents†

She loves them dearly and is thankful to them for not having abandoned her mother. Now that they're both gone, it just adds to the painful grief she's going through right now. She doesn't know if she could make it...

Rheine Kögler

She was indifferent at her at first and they got off on the wrong foot. But after a fateful conversation at Flourish and Blotts, she became intrigued of the Gryffindor. They ran into each other a few more times, usually at the Potions-Mixing Room. Cecilie had completely warmed up to the girl, something she herself was surprised about. She had also become a lot more protective of Rheine and will screw anyone who screws with Rheine.

Winston Wolf

She thinks he's okay. She was a bit surprised when he promised that he won't ignore her anymore, unlike her other peers, but she shrugged it off. Besides, promises can be broken, right? She was right about that, since she hasn't seen him for a really long while, not like she minds.

Madan Atherton

He's okay. He asked her to dance with him during the Yule Ball, which surprised her. He's the second person to notice she exists.

Faith Bagman

Slightly indifferent. She has helped her once when she (Faith) found a new rival during DADA class. Her reason was "Slytherins help each other". She was impressed at how Faith managed to finish two years worth of work in one year.

Valentin Fernandez

She is really impressed of his ability as a Parselmouth and his skills at stone skipping. She completely understands his feelings on endangered animal species and on the people who hunt down animals.


Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.


Since Animagus transformations are a branch of Transfiguration, Cecilie needed to learn all she can about Transfiguration, which made her a bit more advanced in Transfiguration class than her peers.


Cecilie had spent her childhood around animals of different shapes and sizes, Magical and Muggle, so she's pretty skilled at reading their behavioral patterns and can communicate well with them. She understands animals and they understand her.


Cecilie purchased a 10¾" long Ash wand with a Phoenix feather core which she purchased from Ollivander's before going to Hogwarts. After her fourth year, her wand got broken so she bought a new one.

Multiple pets

Cecilie has a plethora of pets back at her home, the most notable ones being Gale the Danish warmblood and Primrose the Pygmy rabbit. She recently got Katniss, a male Grass snake. And yes, they're named after the characters from Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games.


Norwegian, Danish and Czech form of Cecilia, the latter being the Latinate feminine form of the Roman family name Caecilius, which was derived from Latin caecus "blind".


Feminine form of the Roman name Tatianus, a derivative of the Roman name Tatius, which is a Roman family name of unknown meaning, possibly of Sabine origin.

Scandinavian: patronymic from the personal name Eskil(d), Old Norse Áskell, Ásketill, a compound of elements meaning ‘god’ + ‘kettle’ or ‘helmet’.