Lucien Verlac

Ombrelune Alumnus ৳ Auror

Lucien Verlac is a French Auror who was dispatched to the UK to track down and apprehend the infamous Dagger along with his teammates Kīlauea Vulgate, Séraphine and Séverin Évreux, and Quentin Sébastien. Lucien is also the team's deadpan snarker.

Basic Info

Full Name: Lucien Jocelyn Verlac
Born: 17 January 2004
Age: 23
Status: Alive/Single
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: French
Ethnicity: French
Accent: French
Blood Status: Pureblood
Orientations: Gray-demisexual/Panromantic
Signature: N/A

Father: Jacques Verlac†
Mother: Émiliene Verlac
Siblings: None
Relatives: N/A
Family Line of Work: Parents are Aurors
Family Background: The Verlacs are well-known for producing excellent Aurors and are an Auror-based family.
Most Important Person Before: Parents
Most Important Person Now: Teammates

School: Beauxbatons
House: Ombrelune
Best Core Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Worst Core Class: N/A
Electives: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy
Quidditch: None

Wand Wood: Pine
Wand Core: Dragon heartstring
Wand Length: 10⅓"
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: None/Lion
Boggart: Not being good enough

Occupation: Auror
Loyalty: His teammates, the French Auror Division, France
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Lawful good

Vices: Arrogant
Bad Habits: Snarking
Quirks: Snarking
Attitude: Arrogant, deadpan snarker
Special Talents: Different kinds of combat
Social Skills: Average

Most At Ease When?: Around his family and teammates
Main Priorities: His family and teammates
Past Failures: N/A
Darkest Secret: N/A
Known by Anyone?: N/A



Lucien is known for his good looks, with dark brown hair and heterochromic eyes, a brown left eye and a blue right eye. He is rather tall and has a slim but muscular build. He is modeled by none other than Dominic Sherwood (♥).
My one true love remains myself.

As a child, Lucien was already very independent and emotionally composed. His wit is sharp and when angered, shows a very cruel side of his.

Of course, he has a decent amount of arrogance and isn't afraid to flaunt his abilities in someone else's face as condescending and as subtle as possible. His abilities are 100% real so it doesn't really help to tone down his arrogance. He is aware of his handsome looks and often uses it to his advantage. It's kind of surprising how he doesn't go around picking up girls with his arrogance...

He is also the team's deadpan snarker. Whenever he's upset, angry, or just feeling an emotion in general, he often replies with sass and sarcasm. Actually, he snarks whenever he gets the chance to. When there comes a day he doesn't snark, either you pissed him off pretty badly or something is definitely wrong.

He does, however, have a strong sense of morality. He is willing to make the right decisions and sacrifices if necessary. He strives to fulfill whatever duty he has in his hands. Which leads us to his protective nature over his teammates. Seriously, if someone hurts his teammates either physically, emotionally, or mentally, he will hunt them down to the ends of the world and will send them straight to the other side. However, he does let his teammates join in and will only hunt down the one responsible if he is told to. He is aware that his teammates can take care of themselves.

He is also quite smart and resourceful, having built a some sort of network in the student body during his Beauxbatons years. He does something similar in France and is slowly building a similar network here in the UK.

I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.

The only son of Émiliene and Jacques Verlac and a member of the powerful Verlac family, Lucien's childhood has been different from most. As his family was notable for the excellent Aurors they produced, he has been trained to be one. Different Potions' effects, counter Potions, and ingredients, offensive, defensive, counter, and utility spells, tactics, and different weapon-based skills were drilled in his head. He has also been taught how to use his charm. Most of his childhood was spent in either the library, mansion grounds, or in the Potions room. Despite being harsh trainers, his parents made sure he could also have a bit of fun, which is why he learned how to play the piano, violin, and how to do horseback riding. His parents also taught him basic Flying techniques.

By the time he got to Beauxbatons, he was sorted into Ombrelune and he did excellently in the core classes. Of course, he also learnt how to exploit his charm and used it to become a ladies' man by the time of his 5th year. He also created a sort of network within the school, being able to pick up the latest news about everything at a very fast pace. Luckily, the professors regarded it as a large social circle. Surprisingly, he never got a girlfriend in his 7 years in Beauxbatons. On his 6th year, his father met his demise in the field. Émiliene was left to take care of their son. His mother became more silent and her aura hardened, leading Lucien to mature faster.

After he graduated, he immediately became part of the French Ministry's Auror division. Being trained to be one as a child, he rose up in the ranks quite impressively. It was in this point of life that he met his de-facto family, Séraphine, Séverin, Quentin, and Kīlauea. They became one of the best Auror squads of their generation, which was the reason why they were sent to England to hunt down the notorious Dagger.

Lucien, Kīlauea and Quentin now stay with the Évreux in their large Paris house, which has been dubbed "the institute".

Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies.

Jacques and Émiliene Verlac

He keeps a professional relationship with his parents. He is quite thankful of them for his great looks and skills. He was crushed when he learnt of his father's death but he and his mother still have a stable relationship. Even though they appear to be only in professional terms, they love each other very much.

Kīlauea Vulgate

His teammate and de-facto sister number 1. He may or may not have the tiniest bit of a crush on her. You may never know.

Séraphine Évreux

His teammate and de-facto sister number 2. He respects her for the fact that she can fight in Stilettos.

Séverin Évreux

His teammate and de-facto brother number 1. The two have made an Unbreakable Vow to protect each other.

Quentin Sébastien

His teammate and de-facto brother number 2.


He keeps a professional relationship with them and makes sure to owl them regularly for news.


This guy is a fugitive and goes against Lucien's morals so he obviously hates him. And what's up with the name?

Usually I'm remarkably good natured. Try me on a day that doesn't end in Y.


The Verlac family is known for their excellent Aurors and they want to keep it that way, so Lucien was trained as a child to be proficient in many fields of combat, whether it's hand-to-hand, long range, short range, weapon based etc. and that made him decently proficient in any.


When there's mundane combat, there's also magical combat. Lucien was also taught how to duel, formally and informally, in both he's decently proficient in.


He has a 10⅓" Pine wand with a Dragon heartstring for a core.

Various weapons

He has a bag that is charmed with an Undetectable Extension Charm which holds various swords, battle axes, daggers, spears, any weapon that is not a gun you could think of. And he can use them to destroy you.


French form of Lucianus, which is derived from Lucius which, in turn, is derived from Latin lux "light".


From a Germanic masculine name, variously written as Gaudelenus, Gautselin, Gauzlin, along with many other spellings. It was derived from the Germanic element Gaut, which was from the name of the Germanic tribe the Gauts, combined with a Latin diminutive suffix. The Normans brought this name to England in the form Goscelin or Joscelin, and it was common until the 14th century. It was revived in the 20th century primarily as a feminine name, perhaps an adaptation of the surname Jocelyn (a medieval derivative of the given name). In France this is a masculine name only.

Verlac is a compound name: ver means worm or serpent and lac means lake in French. It is a direct reference to the Mortal Instruments character, Sebastian Verlac.