Sylvia Kleinstein
diablerie persephone
January 2
Cecilie Eskildsen Stacia Kleinstein (mother, status unknown)
Unknown (father, alive)
Name Pronunciation
SIL-vee-ə kə-SAN-drə klīn-STAIN
Blood Status
rped by your favourite mango queen

Sylvia Kleinstein is a child mysteriously dropped off at Lil Bundles with nothing but the clothes on her back, a purple, but bloodied, leather jacket, and a 3 ft. grass snake.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Light brownish blonde
Just right 👌
Clothing Style
Sylvia's hair is a light brownish blonde and her eyes are reminiscent of her late grandmother's. She has her mother's stiff posture but somehow radiates a regal aura. She is never seen without her snake or her purple leather jacket, since those are the only things she has left of her mother. She is modeled by Sofia Wells

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Her mother's faint, but genuine, smile as they played in a meadow
Type of Childhood
"I live my life like I'm on a hopscotch." Perfect
Childhood Fear
Being separated from her mom

"My name is Sylvia Kleinstein. I lived with my mother in a cottage near a lake. We were as far from civilization as possible and my childhood friends were the animals mom keeps around. My personal favourite was her 3 feet long grass snake. He had a name of his own but mom let me rename him. Since he had a feminine name, I decided to continue on the tradition and renamed him as Eadlyn. He seems to like it."

"Our life was pretty quiet, save for the times mom would leave in the middle of the night and came back in the morning bloody and bruised. I never asked questions, I was only happy that my mom always came back. Until she didn't."

"One night, mom took me with her to wherever she was going. When I asked why, she only told be that they found us. I don't know who they were but I've never seen mom more terrified in my life. It must be something really big because mom doesn't show that much emotion, not even towards me. We were running in the woods, mom was carrying me and Eadlyn."

"I didn't see anything since I buried my face in the crook of my mother's shoulder as she told me to. I didn't know when I blacked out but when I woke up, I was in a bed, wearing new and clean clothes with Eadlyn sleeping by my side. From what the people there told me, I freaked out when I realized that my mom wasn't there with me. Of course I would freak out, seeing as mom's leather jacket, that she never ever takes off, was bloodied and I was in an unfamiliar place."

"That was two years ago. I've been in Lil Bundles for over two years. Eadlyn was still with me and I wore mom's leather jacket everywhere I go. People came and went, trying and failing to adopt me. I don't need to be adopted. My mother's coming back and I know it. I don't have to listen to them."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Hopeful, faithful, resourceful
Worst Qualities
Stubborn, distant, silent
Most Influenced By
Cecilie Eskildsen Stacia Kleinstein
With a stiff posture and a regal aura, Sylvia is the resident silent kid of Lil Bundles. She keeps to herself a lot and rarely listens to anyone, preferring to do everything on her own. She was surprisingly capable of taking care of herself at the tender age of 8 and was very independent.

She is severely stubborn, refusing to go with anyone who wants to adopt her. She is still holding on to the hope of her mother coming back for her. She doesn't recognize any other parental figure other than her mother.

Eadlyn, her grass snake, helps in driving people away, especially those who are looking to hurt her. WIP

talk bubble
Sylvia Kleinstein - The Girl in the Leather Jacket 💠 Diablerie Persephone

-"Me, weird? B**ch, I'm limited edition."
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skills and magical abilities



*She uses Eadlyn to intimidate the people who want to adopt her.

*She prefers to hide in secluded places since she somehow inherited her mother's tendency of avoiding human beings.

*She plans to run away on her 13th birthday to find her mother.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Too young
Relationship Status
Too young
Her mother's corpse
Will be a grass snake
Favorite Drink
Lemon juice
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Fresh air, her mother's cooking, lemon
Favorite Song


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